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If I win this my best friend Caleb will get this.

Please refer me. If you do my best friend that doesn’t have money to get himself a computer and is in real need of one will get it. He has one eye due to a accident that happened when he was little and I just feel it would be the best friend thing to do to win this for him since we have been best friends since we were little and I have always been there for him.

reblog if ur older than 10 and play pokemon


my sister says she’s getting teased at her school for liking pokemon. shes in fifth grade. my mom is telling her that she’s too old to be playing pokemon. my sister is 10. My mom said ‘Pokemon is geared towards a younger audience.’ But I’m 15, in high school, and i still play pokemon and my mom hasnt said anything about it to me. i want to prove a point to my mom, so if you’re older than 10 and play pokemon please reblog this post! 

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